Once upon a time decades ago there was a little blonde haired blue eyed girl aged just three years old. She was I’ve been told a normal happy little child. She played with Carebears and watched Tony Hart draw on the TV. She went to school and played every day blissfully unaware that her Beta Cells were being attacked by her body’s immune system. She started to drink and drink to quench an uncontrollable thirst.
That was 1981 I don’t recall that little girl who was unaware of diabetes or what was happening inside her body. I know she existed because she was me for three years but I can’t remember being her as I was too young to remember. I remember and know only the girl that grew up with Type 1 Diabetes starting with massive glass syringes and snacks twice a day, being the only child allowed to leave assembly during school mornings at 10am to eat a snack. I know the girl that went through her childhood, her teens (which was the hardest for me) accompanied by Diabetes every second of every day and is living adulthood as a Diabetic with complications such as retinopathy.
I know the girl that’s witnessed many great positive and wonderful advances and changes to Diabetic care, bye bye glass syringe, hello pen injections and a BIG hello for me to the insulin pump.
I hope one day to meet her again that little girl I talked of at the start of the blog …to meet me again as the non-
diabetic Kate and get to know her and enjoy sharing my life as her. My mother remembers her well she has known us both and I thank my mum from the bottom of my heart for being there every step of the way.
I will meet her (again) because one day a cure will be found….