I remember being at a birthday party. It was my best friends 8th birthday. The party was great, musical chairs, party games and loads of fun. Party hats and balloons everywhere.
Then came the birthday cake. The adults started suddenly whispering and pointing at …me. We sang happy birthday and the cake was cut. We all sat round the table waiting for a piece of that lovely sponge and icing. My mouth watered in anticipation. Everyone got a piece of cake on a party plate. My plate consisted of an apple. No piece of cake. It wasn’t a Golden Delicious, a Gala or even a Pink Lady! It was a bruised plain green apple, although not as bruised as my taste buds were at that moment. An apple a day keeps the doctor away I thought ha!
I was the diabetic girl ‘not allowed’ any cake so given an apple instead. I went home feeling isolated and cross. My mum explained they were ‘just concerned’. I got an apple and a hug.
This was decades ago but unfortunately ignorance and misconception regarding what diabetics are ‘allowed’ to eat appear still tastier than the cake today! I hope one day this really will change and there will be no more questioning what a diabetic can or can’t eat!