After careful consideration thinking of non-medical Adive I could pass on to help people through their Diabetes I have come up with the following tips:

1: Join, Support and promote the #Doc ! Tell everyone, talk about it but most importantly share and learn from it! Finding the Diabetes Online Community has opened my eyes. It’s a place where I now feel comfortable and welcomed. I belong. Everyone on there is touched by Diabetes in their own unique way. It’s a valuable friend to have with you and turn to. I have connected with people in similar circumstances that I never realised existed. You can talk about everything and more!

2: The other piece of advice is something I personally like to live by, The 7 P’s….
Prior a Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performamce! I apply this to my diabetes by eg making sure I have spare supplies of insulin, batteries for my insulin pump and hypo treatments. Always be prepared!

3: My third and final piece of advice is ( from my personal experience) avoid Diabetic chocolate at all costs!! Unless you enjoy visiting the loo frequently!!

Maybe not the greatest advice tips but they help me through my Diabetes ! Take care!