Well this is the end of the fifth annual Diabetes Blog Week 2014 which was initiated by Karen Graffeo. This has been my first time getting involved with this as I had never known it existed until I found the DOC.
It’s been an honour and privilege to be involved. I’ve found it both rewarding and therapeutic sharing my personal experiences and thoughts and reading all the other amazing blogs published this week. It’s uplifting to read other views and know as a Diabetic I’m not alone.
At first I was very apprehensive about writing a blog. Wondering if what I had to say would be good enough? interesting enough? valuable enough to share? Will I be able to blog for seven days in a row ? If you don’t try something you’ll never know. So I pressed the publish button and have kept pressing it.
The reactions and comments have been overwhelming and so positive!
The knowledge that I’ve helped other Diabetics and people touched by Diabetes smile and feel comforted by what I’ve written about in my blogs is absolutely awesome!!!
I’d like to thank every person who got involved this week by posting their blogs and thank you to everyone that had taken the time to read them. Seeing the knowledge, understanding, support and ‘togetherness’ of Diabetes blog week has been invaluable.
I’ve included some pics of comments I’ve received that made me smile.