It visited again today. A reminder of its everlasting presence. Today it was a fleeting glimpse but long enough to be seen, only by me. Many have tried to look for it. They stare straight in but it’s clever. It hides from public view, lurking in the distant background.
I’ve been aware of its presence for fourteen years. I never miss it’s entrance. I’ve fought it with many a battle. A full scale war has enfolded on many occasions. I authorised the death penalty on three of those occasions without hesitation. Cutting in deep to excise its existence. It fights back hard with relentless retaliation, bleeding from its wounds. Laser guns have fired and shot it down thousands of times but always upright it stands after it’s recovery. Resurecting itself. It’s blinding conviction always adamant.
It’s army of scars are proceeding to wrinkle with age and unite together to rub against those fragile vessels. My army of weak vessels that break so easily leaving floaters to remind me that it’s legacy is strong.
It brutally won the peripheral battle, shooting it to oblivion with snipers. Never to return but never forgotten.
Ironically I am often complimented on my ‘pretty blue eyes’. They stare together hiding the remnants of the battlefield of scars left behind.
I may have lost a few battles but I will win this war. I wear my battle scars with pride and honour my sight by seeing this through to the end. I am a survivor. I am wining this war of battles while it grows evermore weaker.
A victory not another vitrectomy is what I will see in the long run!