I’m looking at him from far across the room. He has just sat down at a table for two. He doesn’t realise that I’m already here. He is five minutes early which is a big plus on my check list! I cannot abide lateness you see. You may conclude this from the fact that I was already here before he arrived ‘early’. I always aim to be somewhere fifteen minutes early, that’s what I always do, always ..well unless I’m having a hypo of course!
He looks nice, smartly dressed, cleanly shaven. He’s made an effort. More ticks on my check list. He’s looking around. Damn I didn’t catch his eye but how would I all the way back here.. Who is that that did though? Ok so now my turn. I have to approach him and introduce myself and us. This is where I always falter. Do I introduce myself by saying Hi I’m Kate and let the conversation take it’s natural course? Or do I introduce ‘us’ Kate and my Diabetes together oh and my insulin pump (my partner in crime)…
Is it better to hide these facts at first? First impressions last don’t they? If there is an issue with either my diabetes or my insulin pump then surely it’s in my better interest to find out straight off and wave goodbye well maybe after a latte first though ! What to do what to do ?
I wear an insulin pump it’s a major part of my life. I’m connected to this device 24/7. We come as a package. I wouldn’t and couldn’t be without it. If I heard the words “it’s me or the machine” then there would be only one clear answer! My pump aside ( don’t panic it won’t go far it’s connected by a cannula and tubing) I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I have hypos. I get moody. I have good and bad days determined by my blood glucose levels.
What if I have a hypo right here right now especially under this stress I’m putting myself through! Maybe I’ll pop some Gluco tablets to try avoid a hypo. What about if we eat something I’ll need to check my blood glucose first and carb count and bolus. Should I pre warn this prospective person in my life? If he can’t handle my D then he can’t handle me, that’s what I say to myself. Then I think hang on he’s unlikely to tell me his life story today the first time we meet properly on a date is he?? Open and honest, test the waters, honesty is the best policy. Nothing to loose as nothing has really begun. Where is this indecisiveness even coming from? I’m normally a loud and proud Diabetic it’s who I am if you don’t like it or can’t handle it then jog on!
Ok enough!!! Come on Kate just go over make your introduction and enjoy today! Quick trip to the Ladies room to apply some lippy and then I return. As I look up in anticipation to approach him I realise that after all my indecision about making my mind up on how to introduce us he has up and left. I ended up being late and lost my prospective date……oh well latte for one it is …