Today I’m playing Snakes and Ladders….again. Diabetes threw the dice and started the daily game. Diabetes is my opponent. My blood glucose levels start to rise, so up the ladder I go. I treat the high with a correction dose of insulin. Then a bit later Boom! Down the snake I slide as my blood sugars plummet to the lower regions of the board. Climbing up and sliding down. Sometimes they can climb that ladder with a rocket stuck up them too not always a steady paced climb! Sometimes I balance myself and continue around the board of Diabetes life calmly. For an hour if lucky! Until the see-sawing nature if this game forces my move.
If I land on a sickness square or an under bolus square I climb the ladder. If I land on a stress square or over bolus square I slide the snake. No real control just depends where I land. There is no pattern to playing or ‘cheat’ move available to avoid the snakes and ladders.
Some days I want to put the snakes and ladders board game back in its box. To ignore it because I just don’t want to play!!! I can never find the flaming lid to the box though! My opponent Diabetes hid it because it always wants to play. So it throws the dice and the game continues every day. Some days more snakes than ladders and vice versa. In and out I avoid them with my moves and it feels tremendous! One day off would be nice though but I often wonder if I’d miss playing (bizarre as that sounds) because of the fact I’ve played for so very very long.
Other days I enjoy playing. I enjoy when I’m winning and savour the moment every time when conquering those pesky blood sugars. It’s a tough game at times. An invisible game of wit, strength, determination, patience and endurance.