This is just a thought of mine today that I decided I’d share. I was listening to some music and the track ‘Parklife’ by Blur came on. I changed the lyrics to Pumplife instead of Parklife and the other lyrics seemed to fit. Quite bizarre I know and many of you may not see the point to this but I sang it back with the words Pump Life replacing the Parklife’ lyric. Try it for self if you like?

‘Confidence is a preference’ yes this is true for wearing a pump 24/7 I feel.

‘Morning soup’ that mixture of blood glucose readings that change every morning sometimes.

‘So many people, all go hand in hand’ via the DOC this is true through their Pumplife and MDI life as whichever is used we are all have Diabetes in common and can help each other Together.

My heart will always be devoted to my Pumplife plus I can get up when I want to too! Long gone are the days of set meal times I knew as a child growing up with Diabetes.

And of course ‘progress through technology’ the Vorsprung Durch Technik’ lyric which unlike the Blur song I feel Pumplife has alot to do with this and long may it progress !