I’ve noticed via Twitter how people celebrate the day they were diagnosed with Diabetes …their Diaversary. Today I visited my Diabetes clinic for my check up and HbA1c test and result. I knew I had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the summer of 1981 aged 3 but didn’t know the exact date.
I asked my consultant if she could look through my notes to see if my diagnosis date was in there. She wasn’t very confident as my notes are over three decades old but she agreed to look.
Towards the back of my notes on ageing yellowy coloured paper there it was hand written 23rd July 1981 and to top it off there was even an exact time 1.30pm!!!
One thing bothered me though. My mother has always told me she took me to the GP in the morning yet the hospital notes said afternoon…? I spoke to her today and pointed this out. ‘Oh yes’ (she said) ‘the thing is I took you to the GP in the morning that day in 1981 as you had been drinking excessive amounts for weeks and complaining of pains in your tummy the night before. The GP did a urine test ( no meters in those days!) and said he suspected Diabetes so you would need to go to hospital straight away. I put you in the car and we set off to the hospital. Halfway there I suddenly remembered you had no slippers or pyjamas in the car and the GP had said you will more than likely need to stay in hospital. I decided I would bring pyjamas up later but you needed new slippers so I stopped at a shoe shop on the way to get slippers fitted.’
New Slippers!!!! Of all the most unimportant things I needed!! I mean really???She said how she had never heard of Diabetes and was completely unaware of the dangerous predicament I was in right then! If she had known what she knows now she would never have stopped…..Apparantly they were red slippers .. I probably clicked my heals together numerous times during those days wishing I could go home! No wonder I don’t like wearing slippers ( even though I do )!! She always buys me slippers at Christmas too??
So a very informative day today and a HbA1c result of 6.5 was the icing on my cake!