Ok today has arrived in style with a blood glucose reading of 5.8. This evening I’m going to a wedding party. I’ve taken an age to choose my dress and shoes after careful debate over colour, style and where do I wear my insulin pump! I find myself in a dilemma whilst choosing clothing as to where I can wear my pump with whatever clothing I’m wearing. It’s a fitted dress so do I go with my pump protruding through this dress on my hip? That’s impractical as I need to get access to my pump during the evening for the delightfully ‘carbatrocious’ counting and working out of insulin requirements for the buffet food. Not to mention the foreseeable correction doses that will be required.
I think my best option is to clip my pump to my good old dependable bra where it won’t be noticed, won’t miss-shape my dress and I can get access to it. Oh how I wish I had a Harry Potter invisibility cloak for my pump at times like these! I do have a remote control for my pump but I’m the sort of person that likes to see and be in control of what I’m doing especially while programming my pump. So even though I have the ability to bolus insulin for food via this remote I rarely use it as I find I trust myself more than a remote control device. I often wonder if other people use these remotes?
I wore my pump attached to my bra in my sisters wedding when I was Maid of Honour and it worked out well with my bridesmaid dress. I partied, I danced, I ate and enjoyed a beverage or two while being able to access my pump when I needed too. It’s a truth universally acknowledged or at least with my family and friends that I even did a wedding toast to my sister and brother in law starting with a spoken speech from the introduction to Pride and Prejudice and finishing with singing Billy Idols ‘White Wedding’ with my own unique adapted wording to accommodate my sister, after all it was a nice day for a white wedding and she is my little sister…..
Yes that’s me decided on where to wear my pump this evening. My pump accompanies me everywhere I go regardless of the clothes I wear. And if the light on it starts flashing through my dress well I’ll fit in nicely on the dance floor with the other flashing disco lights then won’t I. And if it starts to vibrate in my bra then at least it will open up a topic of conversation if I got lost for words which rarely happens. A conversation starter indeed! Now what colour and more importantly size handbag do I take? Now that’s another blog for carrying diabetes supplies around with me as well everywhere I go…..