An interesting tweet I was able to relate to yesterday from @Colonelblighty got me thinking about the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) line that appears on my insulin pump screen graph whilst connected to a sensor. This line shows the direction of blood sugars in real time except for the time lag between the CGM reading and the actual blood glucose reading as the CGM is five minutes behind.
There are many types of lines, thin lines, thick lines, railway lines, blurred lines and then there is that ever waiting ever watched CGM line that we compulsively view when wearing a CGM sensor. It can become extremely stressful and frustrating waiting for that line to move in the right direction after an insulin dose correction or a hypo treatment. That line at those particular times ‘can get maddening’ to watch. Especially when it becomes flatlined at a high or low reading and refuses to budge despite all efforts made. Both insulin and blood sugars can misbehave at times and when they do emotions of impatience and irritation can join you for an absolute age it seems. Until it flickers. Until it moves. That line. In a correct relieving and satisfying direction. A smiles bursts into fruition but that can be quickly shadowed by a sour and vexed face if the expected and hoped for direction of that line doesn’t follow your plan.
Despite these turbulent emotions which sometimes are a daily occurrence I will say that for me this ‘can get maddening’ visual line is a godsend as it shows me what my blood sugars are doing and when. I have no hypo awareness. I lost it a few years ago and now without a CGM I wouldn’t know a hypo is happening until I’ve been revived after it. I also suffer with Hidradenitis Suppurativa disease and the infections caused play havoc with my blood sugars for weeks on end. The line is my safety net, my reassurance. Our latest hot weather has an impact on my blood sugars even a common cold, stress and hormones can fluctuate them and therefore that line incessantly! I may not particularly like or expect the journey it shows me but I’d sure miss it if I didn’t have it. They say we take things out on the ones we love so when that line doesn’t play straight it does receive a mouthful of infuriating thoughts! It can be a ‘love hate’ relationship watching that line as it roams through my life with diabetes. But it’s a journey I’m grateful to view. That inside knowledge that the line gives is invaluable.
I do however look forward to the day the CGM and insulin pump are integrated and reactions to blood glucose levels occur instantly and proactively without fingers pressing buttons. Mind you if we are on the road of wishes then above all I wish that cure would move in a super fast straight line direction right to me and all of us touched by diabetes……