Apparently I looked at my mum
As she went quite numb
While she was handed a glass syringe
When I was aged 3 back in 1981

Your going to have to inject your daughter
Yes every single day
This is Type1 diabetes
Your unexpected new life way

Nervous and unsure mum looked at my skin
How could she possibly press this thing in?
The nurse offered her arm for a practise shot
The orange was abandoned but not forgot

Afraid of doing the nurse harm
She unwillingly took hold of her arm
Teaching my mum a new way to protect
The nurse her arm she let

Ever grateful yet feeling dumb
As the nurses arm turned the colour of a plum
Health and safety now would have a field day
But back then the nurse had the say

So thank you to that nurse
Your valued more than the richest purse
For helping and for sharing
But most importantly for caring.