The Ketonians had been summoned to the Kingdom of Mellitus by the wicked forces that lurked in the underground. Untamed they remained always hidden, preparing for battle and ready to pounce with acidic bites. Sir Lancet drew back his arm and swiftly plunged his sword forward into the chosen one. He was famous for his unique battle movement that he repeated daily upon request. Age and time were working against him though and he knew that his dependable sword was turning blunt from all it’s action. Soon he would need to be replaced by a sharper and newer model, one that shinned brightly.
The High Priestess and her brother The Lowly Priest lived on opposite sides of the kingdom from each other in great castles that overshadowed everything. They manipulated Sir Lancet whom they cruelly engineered into repeat performances of battle to combat their ongoing and conflicting curses. The Knights of Medtronic and of Dexcom worked alongside The Knights of Nordisk. Together helping Sir Lancet as effectively as they could. Aided by enlightenment at times. Always governed by King Insulin.
The Gluconian magic that crept through the kingdom was notorious. Rearing it’s ugly head at forbidden times and on unwanted occasions. The war on Melitus was fierce and strong. It had resided in the land for decades but the protective Knights and their helpers stood bold and forceful preventing disaster wherever possible. United together in their efforts towards the ongoing and relentless battle that took hold of their kingdom.
For joyful and peaceful times they looked towards and hoped. To the ultimate freedom of the curse and their long awaited release from battle. To a time when all swords could be laid down and the chosen ones could rest.