Tonight at 10.20pm I checked my blood glucose level before walking the apples and pears towards my nice comfy bed that was calling. Result on screen is 20.1 mmol/L High Blood Sugar flashes on the screen of my meter. Something is not right (no kidding Sherlock). My CGM sensor was showing 8.9 mmol/L so how has this happened? Have I knocked my sensor without realising? I haven’t felt great the last few days with a head cold brewing so I’m guessing this is the result of that plus a ‘not playing ball’ sensor as readings between my sensor and blood glucose meter are for some reason way out! Or is it my insulin pump cannula? Or could a frightful abscess be brewing. Which culprit is responsible alongside diabetes itself? First things first, re test blood glucose level , hands washed a second time and different finger used then test for ketones. Blood glucose meter shows identical reading to the first showing but to soften the blow the ketone meter reads 0.0. Alas there is a silver lining to this nasty dark grey cloud looming over my bedtime.
Now I have to calmly decide how to best react. No Kate running round the kitchen like a headless chicken won’t solve this. If I over correct I’ll encourage (with a great big push) for my blood sugar levels to drop to the nether regions. Do I set a temporary higher basal rate ? Do I do both? I decide to give a correction dose and check in an hour if by which time my blood sugar hasn’t budged then I’ll programme a temporary basal rate (TBR) into my insulin pump. An hour, tick tock tick tock it’s no good I can’t wait I feel the need for speed to check again….19.5 phew my correction dose is working. Double figures you will disappear!
I remove my sensor i decide I need a new one. If I put in a new sensor now and my blood glucose levels decide to play merry hell will it affect the sensor warm up?? What to do what to do. I’ll set my alarm for every two hours to check and insert a new sensor in the morning. But what if I drop too low too quick I have no hypo awareness. New sensor goes in with warm up commenced plus I change my pump infusion set and set alarms also better safe than sorry.
Another sleepless night to look forward to. Oh the joys. Ducking Fiabetes! Ok it’s been an hour as I test again 17.9 I smile and slightly relax as I know my blood sugar levels are dropping gently. Not too quick not too slow. It’s working. The initial panic subsides. Please Father Christmas can I have a magic wand for Christmas ? I wish. Nothing wrong with wishing. I wish more though that tonight I’ll be alright. I’ll be able to float off ‘scary heights’ and fall gracefully into a soft successful landing without any bumps. One hour and twenty minutes till new sensor starts reading blood glucose levels again plus I have my blood glucose meter to check too so time will tell…….
I wrote the above last night at 23.36 pm to be precise while waiting to see what would enfold.
Now it is morning. It was a bumpy ride. My new sensor woke me bleeping to warn of a hypo proceeding. I got up and treated this. Then at around 4.30am my sensor bleeped to warn of a predicted high. I got up and treated this. I then managed a few hours sleep subconsciously awake the whole time though. I’m now back in single figures. It’s not like that every night but when it happens it has a knock on effect. Feeling yuk but hopefully today will be a better day…. Seems like The Kingdom of Mellitus that I wrote about in my last blog became real last night but I wasn’t dreaming……