Last night for the first ever time, I decided to sleep without my insulin pump clipped to an item of clothing (of the nightwear variety at the time of decision). I decided to allow it out for the night if you like. I’ve always worn it either attached via its clip to my bra or jeans, trousers, skirt, shorts and pj’s. I’ve recently noticed through the #DOC (Diabetes Online Community) that not all other people appear to use a clip during the night. So I wanted to give it a go and try for myself. After four and a half years of pumping I was apprehensive of letting it loose. I’ve become accustomed to and like the secure feeling that I get having it clipped onto my clothes.
I also decided that I didn’t want my insulin pump to be an ‘it’ any longer. Heathcliff the main character from ‘Wuthering Heights’ had been referred to as an ‘it’ I recall from my A’level days upon his introduction to the family and though Heathcliff is an unforgettably complex kind of guy I didn’t want to call my pump after him. I’ve often thought about names but never really found one that I felt suited my pump. As an avid lover of the TV series ’24’ it came down to one of three, Jack or Bauer or Chloe (ok O’Brian was considered also). The deciding factor for me was the infamous line Mr Kiefer Sutherland uses as Jack Bauer to Chloe during the 24 series… “Dammit Chloe!”. Not because I shout at my pump in frustration ( ok occasionally I do I admit ) but because I often hear myself say “Dammit!” When my blood glucose level is too high or low and I begin the programming and fixing of this together with my pump. I’ll press you deliver. For Jack Bauer to get through his next 24hours in ‘real time’ he needs Chloe’s help so ok I’m no Jack Bauer but I need my pumps therefor now Chloe’s help too. Hence my pump is named.
Anyway last night I told Chloe to work hard with me and not to misbehave while out for the night she had never been a field agent before! My strict advice was not to get herself tangled up in an unnecessary mess! These instructions were to be duly noted not knotted. So I cut the apron clip so to speak. I let her fly the nest well only so far, as my cannula tubing wouldn’t allow her to become completely lost so I was safe in that knowledge at least.
I woke this morning and Chloe was with me. Safe and sound. No near disasters. Unlike the counter terrorism unit agency in the 24 series my CTU ( cannula tubing unit ) had maintained contact all night. She was by my side although slightly hogging the duvet! Loyal and faithful. My companion for the next and the next following 24 hours which inevitably will as usual be taking place in ‘ real time’ every time. Now should I have a naming ceremony ? With cake to celebrate her naming and surviving the night unharmed ? Would she appreciate it ? Not sure but I know she will certainly deal with it! Chloe always has.