The recent and present weather has been hot! Sun, sun, sun. The heat from the big smiling shinning yellowness in the sky is at times a hindrance for people with diabetes for their blood glucose levels. Some of us find our blood glucose levels soar off on a jet plane and some find they are constantly dipping themselves in the bottom of the pool! I find personally my blood glucose levels go low and I go into hypo alert mode in the heat. So far in the past few days I’ve experienced quite a lot of hypos and my lowest levels have dipped to within the figure 2 mmol range. It’s quite difficult and annoying as it’s a constant worry with these blood glucose levels being so temperamental in the heat.
I haven’t let it stop me from going out and enjoying the sunshine. I try and think well I know from previous experience of this sunshine and heat that I’m likely to get low so I just try and be prepared. Keeping an ever watchful eye on what my blood glucose levels are doing (or going!). Over the weekend I’ve spent time with family walking around castle grounds enjoying the sights, music, funfair and the odd ice lolly!
Diabetes can try to get in the way of things but so does our weather at times! I’ve been caught in the rain without my umbrella but I try my best not to be caught out in a hyper or hypo situation without my diabetes supplies.
There are no factor protection creams to stop our hypo or hyper reactions but providing we are aware of the possibilities and prepared then I say just go out and enjoy it if you want to ( wear sun cream to stop any burning though! ). This sun may not be here tomorrow or next week and it could be a long time knowing the British weather before it puts in an appearance again! I’m determined to make the most of it and deal with whatever temperament my levels decide to play at.