-8 blood glucose tests via fingers on left hand
-1 hypo
-1 suspend via pump (suspension of insulin delivery during hypo)
-4 extra blood glucose tests due to hypo
-2 correction insulin doses to try to maintain a good range
-3 bolus insulin presses on pump for food eaten through day
-3 carb counting events
-1 insulin pump set change (done every 3 days)
-1 five minute episode of flicking air bubbles out
-countless looks at insulin pump screen checking sensor graph
– approx 10 sighs (mixture of frustration and relief)
– unknown amount of smiles/frowns (but they occurred)

-no post ( is that a good or bad thing?)
-took my dog for booster vaccine and walks
-visited my nan who no longer recognises us and is living in her own bubble but aren’t we all to an extent? Think my hypo occurred from this visit due to the stress of happiness and sadness of situation.

So that was my ‘yesterday’. Whatever today or tomorrow brings the things I know that will definitely be included are blood glucose tests and insulin. Everything else is for now yet to happen. Life is short and can include some ‘ bitter pills’ at times so make the most of it and count your blessings. Could be a lottery win soon! There sure will be for someone so never saying never! Sometimes events during the day put things into perspective. Some days are a ‘ walk in the park ‘ and others are difficult and a strain on our emotions which play an integral part on life and my diabetes life.

Listening to the track ‘Birdhouse in your soul’ by They might be Giants I smiled in recognition:
” I’m your only friend
I’m not your only friend
But I’m a little glowing friend
But really I’m not actually your friend
But I am.”
So (and yes the following pun is intended) ‘ not to put a finer point on it’ Im with you 24/7 diabetes as your the main ‘bee in my bonnet’ but my mum brought me round from hypos on many occasions when I was younger by using honey… How ironic? If the cap fits wear it with style. My birdhouse sings and ok I have to pass it a microphone sometimes and other times I’d like to mute it but together we will get through today and tomorrow…..