Who am I to answer that question? Diabetes is unique, personal and differently similar for us all. This blog is my outlook on type1 diabetes, how I feel personally about it.
Diabetes is an unanswered question that breeds countless unanswered questions. Diabetes is ‘Pandora’s box’. It is an itinerary of reactions and counter actions. It is the ‘Hotel California’ as in the words of The Eagles “you can check-out any time you like but you can never leave!”.
Diabetes can neither be defined or define. It is an Achilles heel at times. It is a mathematical education with no certificate or recognition. It is an education of its own. It is a jigsaw that makes me feel like I’m a character in a ‘Saw’ film because within these films one is forced to play a game, a game with rules. Live or die play the game.
Diabetes is faceless yet it has the ability to rear it’s ugly head and can be both recognised and unrecognised time after time. It is presumed and often misunderstood. It is accepted but never wanted. It is a type and a stereotype . It is a constant.
Diabetes is the red wine spilt on the cream rug. It is the item that is never going to end up in the lost item box. It is the swimming pool that doesn’t allow armbands. It is the vampire that invited itself in. It is the unwanted gift that can’t be returned to the shop.
Whatever you decide diabetes is, it is real. It is real for myself, my family and friends. It is real for every child, teenager and adult that lives with it. It is real for their parents and family. It is for many people our reality however we describe it.
Diabetes is a never ending story without the cuteness of the dragon in the film of the same title. Diabetes is courage, determination, dedication, patience and frustration all rolled into one. It is an enigma of emotions. It is hard work! Diabetes is all I’ve ever known it’s a way of life for me. Diabetes is waiting for the cure…….