This blog needs to be read or actually sung along to with the tune of ‘Look at me I’m Sandra Dee’ from the film Grease in mind (to be fully appreciated). Type1 D is short for Type1 Diabetes/Diabetic whatever you prefer…The you tube link is at end as yes I actually sing it 😉

Look at me I’m Type 1 D
Lousy pancreas challenged me!
Won’t go to bed till I’ve tested you see
I can’t because I have D

Watch it hey hypo go away
I won’t tolerate your ways
Won’t come a loss even
Glucose tablets found their way to help hypo me

I don’t always understand
Or want to care
I try not to pull out my hair
I get ill from one missed bolus

Keep your filthy ketones
Off my tired bones
Would you pull that crap with anyone else?

As for you high carby food
I know what you wanna do!
You’ve got a crust I’m looking at with lust
I’m just plain Type1 D

Sugar sugar let me be!
Keep that rise far from me!
Just keep your cool
When I’m starting to drool

Hey don’t be fooled
I’m Type1 D!