For this years Diabetes UK Big Collection weekend 13th-15th June I took part at a local Tesco store. My daughter and two of her friends joined me wearing blue crazy hair, standing for three hours with collection buckets in hand! Yes I managed to get three teenagers to participate alongside me and their mobile phones appeared once or twice but the buckets became too heavy to hold to check mobile notifications at the same time!
The first few minutes were a little daunting but we soon got into the swing of things. I was astounded by the friendliness, generosity and willing participation of the customers and staff at the store. People of all ages got involved. They asked questions about diabetes and shared their own personal stories about themselves and family members living with diabetes. One lady even bought us all a drink from inside the store as well as donating to the bucket I held! I also talked freely, shared my stories and enjoyed every second ( my feet may disagree there though! ) it’s quite a thing standing there but the people there were great. We were raising money and awareness and people were openly talking about diabetes.
The buckets grew heavier and heavier as the hours passed. It was a wonderful experience knowing I was helping to make a difference by raising money for diabetes.
I received a wonderfully informative email from the coordinator a few days after the event had finished stating that a total of £1200.35 had been raised at that Tesco store during that weekend! Apparently that total was £200 more than last time there! I felt proud to have taken part in helping raise that amount. I felt proud of all the generous people that contributed to those buckets with coins and even notes and of everyone else that took part in fundraising that weekend all over the country!
Making a difference is quite an achievement! Raising both money and awareness is vitally important for everyone touched by diabetes. It will help to change our future and if collections such as these and of all the other charities and organisations involved continue to increase and prosper then maybe just maybe the repetitive 10 year cure will come sooner! For me personally a cure is the ultimate goal.